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The Gathering of the Eagles: 12 around 1

The Clarion Call

Do you know in your heart of hearts that you incarnated for a higher purpose and that you a have a mission to complete in this lifetime? Do you have memories of past lives or ancestors connected to distant places such as Lemuria or Atlantis? Do you feel you hold ancient skills and wisdom which remain a mystery to you? Do you have memories of being associated with tribal healers, Druids, Essenes, or the Merovingian lineage? Do you feel a mysterious inner knowing connected to the life with Christ, Buddha or other saints and sages or perhaps the Knights Templar or the Knights of the Round Table?

Mystical memories and feelings reside within us so that our soul being can become rekindled so that our true meaning and purpose can ignite our life – and the lives of others.

Do you feel a tingling right now? If so, then this is your clarion call to come to a Place of Power in the Shuswap and join with other likeminded people who are during birthing themselves into a higher level of consciousness – to find your Eagle within.

But there is a quickening upon us…

A generation of Eagles are transitioning into the elder and ancestral realms, and they spent much of theirs lives developing cellular networks seeking to prove the meaning of the sentient Earth and the Cosmos. But now a new generation of Eagles are emerging to action this cellular network into the realm of purpose.

We have invited you to a Gathering of Eagles, and your invitation is by no means an accident. This invitation has an elemental force of synchronicity because you are about to transition into a force of action, you will begin your mentorship with the Eagles who have walked before you. We will gather as 12 around 1 with the one being the center, Zero Point, Spirit, or Teacher. This formula holds the ancient elements of learning.

All 12 circles around the inner circle form the basis for music as the distances between the spheres are identical to the distances between tones and the halftones in the musical scale.

A 12-pointed star is called a star dodecahedron. This star can be created by connecting the 12 intersections points of the 12 outer circles necessary to create the Egg of Life. In 2D, this star can be depicted as a star dodecagram. Since the number 12 also symbolizes the illusion of time, you can see that the star dodecagram can be found by connecting the 12 hours on a clock. The 12 around 1 is a sacred process of giving and receiving and it will be delivered within this very special gathering which encourages reconciliation with nature and the work required to become the new messengers of change. All 12 circles around the inner circle form the basis for music as the distances between the spheres are identical to the distances between tones and the halftones in the musical scale.

The Legacy

In the early 1980’s when Menno Pauls first imagined the Gathering of Eagles it was the result of an extraordinary journey of both adventure and spiritual insight. As a messenger for future events, he would pen a book which would describe his encounters, lessons and visions with intimate detail. He described that there would be people and safe harbours which would lead the way for a shift in consciousness that would change the world.

Quite intentionally the Gathering of Eagles was never published; instead, it was photocopied and distributed person by person into informal networks and over time would reach thousands of people, inspiring them to understand the forces that were at work.

Today, there are pockets of Eagles everywhere, and this gathering represents a celebration of Menno Pauls tireless work and legacy as a messenger as he seeks to prepare us all for the coming changes.

The Gathering will feature Menno Pauls and he will tell his story as he recalls his 40-year journey and shares with us how the Eagles are transforming for the next generation.

The Gathering

The Shuswap Bioregion’s central vortex, is Mt. Ida, the dragon in the landscape an extinct lava tube which is part of the a chain of volcanic mountains that form the Ida channel or the parasympathetic nervous system for Turtle Island. The central nervous system of the North American continent is the Rocky Mountains.

The sacred geometry of 12 around 1 forms the flower of life, so we will gather as 2 groups of 12 each around 1. One group of 12 will be in service to the other 12 on a rotating basis over the 3-day period. Like positive and negative; light and dark; Yin and Yang; or breathing in and breathing out.

The gathering is hosted by Gaia Muna Shamanic Retreat Centre.

Come to the Sacred Shuswap to share and learn about:

  • How we are now living in the time of prophecy?
  • Why the Shuswap is a sacred safe zone for us as we and the earth goes through the accession process?
  • Meet Mt. Ida, an extinct volcano, is an interdimensional portal and why she is called the Sphinx?
  • Why old growth forests provide spiritual sanctuary?
  • How to do forest reclamation work?
  • How to construct and do medicine wheel ceremonies?
  • How to contact and work with the Landscape Angel?
  • How to work with pyramid, dodecahedrons, and group Merkabah energies?
  • How to attract and commune with cloud ships?
  • How to work with elementals to modify or change the weather?
  • How to identify and work with the landscape organs such the crown, heart, place of birth and death etc.?
  • Why and how to clear negative geopathic stress?
  • Sessions in the ascension dodecahedron sound chamber?
  • How to use consensus through guidance to make group decisions?
  • How and why, it is important to grow your own food?
  • Why and how to run and manage a 12 around 1 mastermind group?
  • Creating a Personal Promise with Nature
  • Forming Relationship with Gaia & Seeing Self
  • How to connect with the Forest Network & Your Spirit Tree
  • Relationship with Plant Medicines

…… and much, much more.

Let me know if you are interested. If you cannot participate in person, not to worry as much of the Gathering will be filmed for release on The Academy YouTube Channel and future classes will be held on Zoom.

Thursday, September 9 to 12

 Gaia Muna Shamanic Retreat Centre

Silver Creek area of Salmon Arm

(3201 Lionel Road, Salmon Arm, BC)

There is an ancient promise that some human beings hold. It is a promise which spanned across time and the ancestral realm.

Let us know if you are interested. If you cannot participate in person, not to worry as much of the Gathering will be filmed for release on The Academy YouTube Channel and future classes will be held on Zoom.

The Event Schedule 

The schedule is evolving as the organizing team receives guidance. Here is the latest.

September 9 Thursday evening

Very excited and happy to present the gathering of the Eagles. This is a time  for us eagles to gather to support, to inspire, to connect as a group to receive our guidance, our answers and our directions. On September 9 Thursday evening we’re asking people to come get settled in their accommodations, and Friday morning, is when it begins.

September 9, Friday

Morning Medicine Wheel ceremony creation

Friday morning, 9am we will begin working with the element of Fire through the creation of a HeartFire Medicine Wheel and the medicine wheel ceremony.

Afternoon Circle of 12

Friday afternoon we will gather and talk about the power of 12 around 1, and how to create a safe crucible that exponentially multiplies our ability to receive personal and collective guidance from Source. We will attune and then discuss why each of us was called to come to the gathering, and the unique gifts we each bring. As we focus on a topic to discuss and attune to each of us will organically receive guidance, a piece of the larger collective puzzle, that will emerge as synchronicities spontaneously manifest.

We will then break into a circle of 12 so we can all step into collective guidance together. The extra people,  beyond 12, will be performing acts of service to the land, food prep, or otherwise helping this Gathering flow with ease and grace.

Dinner is served at 5:00 till 6:00

A Beautifully prepared dinner is served on Fri, Sat & Sun evening from 5:00 till 6:00
Meals will be prepared by a professional chef. Vegetarian and Vegan options will be available for each meal as well as some locally sourced animal protein for those who partake.

Friday evening Shamans Journey

We begin Friday evening in a shaman journey. With Tara Bradley, stone mother. And this will be from seven to nine.

Sept 10, Saturday

Morning We will be breaking into groups twice that day. So, again, with a circle of 12, as well as the ones that are extra of the 12 will be in service to either the land, or to food prep, or to helping this gathering flow with ease and grace. And then in the afternoon. There’ll be reversal of the groups, so that everybody has an opportunity to be part of that, and to serve as well.

Afternoon In the afternoon there will be a reversal of the groups. Those that circled as 12 in the morning will be the ones who will now be in service, and those that had served in the morning will circle as the 12. Everyone will have the opportunity to circle as 12 and to be of service.

Sept 11, Sunday

Sunday morning, again we break out in the group of 12 and the ones that have not had the opportunity yet to be of service will be of service to the weekend and to the facility that we’re sharing, that they may be of service to that land.

Sunday afternoon is a family constellation with Claire DePuis where we gather as a full group. And depending on the subject. Each one of us will be assigned a role to play out to move the energy of that. So as an example could be forest and working out the energies and moving the energies of the collective forest.

Sunday evening, is our closing ceremony, fire conversation.

Sept 12 Monday

Monday is a bonus day. If you would like to join us. We’re going out for brunch at a local restaurant, and then doing ceremony at the top of Little Mountain Park.

After that we go to the horse rescue, there’s approximately 60 horses there that we could go connect love on them and they can love on us.

We really are looking forward to this weekend. We invite you if you feel the calling and this is something you feel that you have a role as an eagle to guide people that is our intention with this is to know that as things step up and we start moving forward, that we as leaders will be helping others walk through to our new Earth that we’re creating in harmony, and in love and peace.

This is going to be so amazing, fun. Each one of us brings again, our own piece to the puzzle and we will all feel the effects of this work.

The Gathering of the Eagles Event Schedule
Time  Sept 9 – Thurs Sept 10 – Fri Sept 11- Sat  Sept 12 – Sun Sept 13 – Mon
All day arrival and set up. No camping fee Yoga -Tai Chi Yoga -Tai Chi Yoga -Tai Chi Break camp
7:30 -8:30 Breakfast Breakfast Breakfast Break Camp
9:00 -12:00 Welcome

Medicine Wheel Creation and opening ceremony 


Grp 2 –12 around 1 Gathering

Grp 1 – Service Work

Grp 2 – 12 around 1 Gathering

Grp 1 – Service Work

Mt. Ida Ceremony at Little Mountain Park
12:00 -1:00  Lunch Lunch Lunch Brunch
1:00 – 3:00 Grp 1 –12 around 1 Gathering

Grp 2 – Service Work

Grp 1 –12 around 1 Gathering

Grp 2 – Service Work

Groups come together to share, Family Constellation with Claire Dupuis Visit horses
3:00 – 5:00 Free Time Free Time Free Time
5:00 – 6:00 Dinner Dinner Dinner
7:00 -9:00 Informal welcome campfire Campfire

Tara Bradley Shaman’s Journey


Discussion of Menno Paul’s Book 


Closing Ceremony  

During the breaks you can sigh up for various sessions Massage, Theta, Deep  Clearings,  Access Bars, Heart Resonance, Sound Sessions etc.

Note: Calendar events are subject to change.

To download a printed copy of the schedule  Click Here.

EARTH – Friday

We will attune to Gaia and Mother Nature as a living intelligences and ask for guidance from other dimensional beings inhabiting earth.

Elemental: The Sidhe and Sasquatch

AIR – Saturday

We will attune to the Sylphs, Extraterrestrials and Intraterrestrials and ask for guidance.

Elementals: Sylphs, Extraterrestrials and Intraterrestrials

FIRE – Saturday

We will attune to the Salamanders and the power of transformation the Phoenix and ask for guidance.

Elementals: Salamanders,  Phoenix and Dragons.

WATER – Sunday

We are water and water is us. We were birthed in water. We will attune to the Undines and ask for guidance.

Elemental: Undines

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