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TWS Episode 208 Vassia Sarri:God Wants You to be Wealthy

Tyhson Banighen, host of The Wellness Show interviews Vassia Sarri about her new book God Wants You to be Wealthy.

It is our birth right to live in an Earthly Paradise and be able to manifest all the goods that we want and deserve. Unfortunately, we have misunderstood the most important truths of our world. So, because of our misconception we tend to manifest suffering instead of pleasure, disease instead of health and scarcity instead of prosperity. In this book, we analyze some of the most famous gospels in the Bible, just to realize that Christ came to teach us how to benefit from the correct use of the Law of Attraction. Actually, the entire Bible is the most detailed manual on “The Law of Attraction” that has ever been written in the World. So, let’s investigate “the Law of Attraction” from a completely new point of view and let’s improve our prosperity level, within just 40 days!


“Vassia Sarri is a Book Coach, Truth Researcher and Laptop lifestyler.
She works from home while raising her kids and she loves everything that has to do with The Law of Attraction, Fine Arts and Online Education. Her mission is to help you achieve a Prosperous Lifestyle through your Book Writing, your eCourses, and your Home-Based Business. You may visit her blog at

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