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Compressed Evolution Is Painful

Some Ascension teachers/writers claim that if you are experiencing ascension related physical pains it’s entirely caused by your ego. That is true and true up to a certain point however it’s not true for most Volunteer First Everythingers/Pathpavers beyond a certain point.

Evolution hurts physically and in every other way too. When wildly higher frequency evolutionary Light energies, energy Waves, NEW codes, consciousness and DNA etc. comes into physical contact with a lower frequency physical human body with a matching frequency ego, consciousness and all the rest of it, it quite naturally causes not only physical pains but psychological, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic pains too. Not only is the physical body being repeatedly affected by higher Light energies continually pushing Universal, personal and collective across-the-cosmic-board evolution, but everything else is experiencing this too (cultures, societies, global belief systems, religious belief systems, financial systems and beliefs, political, governmental etc.) but each time by slightly higher and higher NEW frequency energies. These evolutionary Light energies have never been impacting each human at the same unchanging level and frequency but have constantly been doing so at slightly higher and higher levels over the past twenty years and counting. The reasons for this are simple; the physical human body, central nervous system (CNS) and complex psyche (and external physical reality etc.) could not handle going from such a dense carbon-based third dimensional dualized level, world and reality up to a much higher, less dense, crystalline-based fifth dimensional level and state of individually integrated unification and consciousness while remaining in their physical body. There are no instant Hollywood special effects with the Ascension Process. It is physically lived one energetic Stair-step at a time over linear time so the physical body, CNS and human psyche survive the colossal undertaking that is Universal evolution happening in this lifetime intact, undamaged and profoundly evolved.

There should be no shame or shaming in evolution. The difficulties, traumas, fears and uncertainties that every human ego goes through because of the natural evolutionary Ascension Process is normal for where we all began this process from! In the lower 3D pre-ascension Earth reality the human ego was lord n’ master and the dominant tool and perceptual lens on all of “reality”, so to suddenly have it start a Process of what it perceives is its unavoidable demise is terrifying so it fights hard for its continued survival, just like all else has that came from the old lower 3D patriarchal world. None of this is pretty, easy or pleasant for the most part but it is normal for compressed evolution. So I repeat, there is no shame or shaming in compressed evolution.

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