12 Strand DNA Activation

12 Strand DNA Activation


Let Lorraine Burke assists you to activate your own 12 strand DNA so you can be fully you.

Imagine being fully alive in every way in every moment.

It is now time for us to acknowledge this possibility.

Planet Earth is the only planet across all the Universes, where people do not have their 12 strand DNA activated. They only have 2 strands activated and die and go out ‘there’ to find out the more.

The new children coming in and some individuals earlier, do have their 12 strand DNA activated.  It is with this activation, that all the information out there, beyond Earth, is available to us inside our physical form.  That is, one does not have to die and leave our planet to find out the more.

Through the gift given to Lorraine Burke in January 2017, she now assists people to activate their own 12 strand DNA and supports each person in doing so.