Astrological Gardening Calendar 2022

Astrological Gardening Calendar 2022


Biodynamic and Astrological Plantings are gaining popularity with farmers and gardeners. They are many aspects to consider when learning this process. The calendar is designed to help you plan and execute a year gardening and farming with these energies and principles in mind.

It is set in the Pacific Time (PST) and the information about planetary placement and Moon phases will be pertinent to the Pacific Northwest in particular and would need to be adjusted for other time zones and regions.

In biodynamics, each day has specific set activities that will align with the astrological influences to increase efficiency. The calendar has these days identified clearly. Each day has the position of the Moon and the Biodynamic symbols associated with the activities best assigned to the day.

There are days for:

Planting (P), Leaf/Stem days (L), Blooms and Flower days (B), Root days (R) and fruit days (F).

Then there are the Moon Phases:

New Moon, Second Quarter, Full Moon, Fourth Quarter, Moon void of course.

Moon Signs

The moon makes its way through the zodiac wheel in a 28 day cycle. It passes into a new sign and and is influenced by which sigh it is in at any given time. Each Zodiacal Constellation imparts its energy to the day and will facilitate the matching activity.

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