Deep Clearing Protocol – Basic

Deep Clearing Protocol – Basic


Note: This is the latest version of the Deep Clearing Protocol. All updates will now occur during the weekly Dowsing Mastermind. For more details on how to participate, please click this link. 

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There are three levels to the Deep Clearing Protocol

  1. Essential (Required) with accompanying dowsing chart. Deep Clearing Protocol – Basic
  2. Intermediate (Optional but highly recommended.) Part 1-3  Basic Dowsing and the Deep Clearing Protocol.
  3. Advanced Certification (Optional but highly recommended.) Deep Clearing Protocol Certification Program 

Laser-Focused Coaching

Laser coach sessions are 15-minute breakthrough sessions. Book them when you need them. I will give you work to do. Do the work, book a feedback review session, and receive the next assignment. You can have as many accountability sessions as you need monthly or yearly. Click to learn more and to sign up yearly at, or to sign up for six months, use this link

Please consider donating, as many low-income clients would benefit from a FREE Deep Clearing Protocol.



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Tyhson Banighen, your Deep Clearing protocol is genuinely excellent. I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown earlier this year, and I’m so grateful that I discovered your work. I did it religiously each morning for six weeks, feeling a wonderful sense of empowerment, peace and calm, clarity and trust. I’ve managed to reconnect with my purpose on this planet. I’m now strong enough to continue using the short-form protocol. It will be part of my daily routine for the foreseeable future.

I’m looking forward to using your 2022 version! Thank you so much, Jenny Richards, Dec. 2021

I would describe my first experiences with Tyhson Banighen and his protocols as “One-Stop Shopping.” Whether one has issues with psychic attacks, kundalini/ascension energies, or health issues, his protocols offer a complete clearing of every possible situation. I worked for 2-1/2 years with someone who specialized in working with people going through an unexpected kundalini awakening that just worsened. I worked for 30 days with a well-known dowser and progressed but got no better. THREE DAYS after starting Tyhson’s deep clearing protocol, there has been a massive change for the better. Thank you, Tyhson; you do good work!        ER 11/27/2019

I highly recommend the 30-minute deep clearing he mentions for anyone out of balance body/soul/spirit for whom conventional methods have not worked. Thank you, Tyhson Banighen. Lorena Calin, April 27, 2017

I am writing to tell you about the FREEDOM and the POWER that I started feeling when I began reading the form out loud today when I got home….and the deliverance that came with Certain paragraphs! And this is only the 1st day!!

I only remember feeling this good physically for a few weeks last October when I listened for the 1st time to Dr. Karen Kan’s Ascension 1 and 2 audios. That’s what started my Awakening and healing; the prayers of a lifetime were finally answered at 45 years old. Then, everything started going downhill and attacked – until today. I hope for the 1st time this year that I will survive this Ascension process. There are no words to describe my gratitude for your free advice today and for reiterating that I must read them aloud, not just listen to the audio/YouTube as I tried to fall asleep. I will talk to you again in 7 days; respectfully, Lorena C., August 21, 2017

I want to share my experience with the Deep Clear protocol. I want to thank Tyhson Banighen with my deepest regards for sharing this protocol. Per your guidance, I have been doing it for the past few days for my heart illness; I have been diagnosed with multiple chronic blockages in my heart and brain and will soon get into surgery for grafts. I have done this protocol several times daily and started to feel positive, lighter, and more energetic. I am sure it will also help me recover sooner from my post-surgical trauma as I am now ready to face it as it comes and deal with it.

Today, I also did an emergency healing protocol for my daughter, who suddenly had severe ankle pain. It has been troubling her for the past seven months due to an injury, and she hasn’t been getting healed despite various medications and therapies. As soon as I finished the protocol, suddenly, her pain was gone, and she was feeling better. I have asked her to continue with the 21-day healing.

Thanks a lot, Tyhson Banighen, for sharing this with us and always guiding us. I am benefiting from all the learnings shared in this group. Thanks to all of you also for being a part of my learning. Love and light. Avinder Chhabra, August 21, 2017

Thank you very much for this information. I did find the link eventually and had been doing the deep clearing for several days (I’m already 96% clear, but at first was only 50% which surprised me given all the healing and work I’ve done with Violet Flame and High Beings). I’m okay with Dowsing not needing the online course. It’s been a unique tool for the past 15 yrs, but like many people, I am coming into my own with healing/clearing at this time and feel I can start to contribute more to the planet as a Lightworker than ever before. I greatly appreciate the value of this deep pendulum clearing – its thoroughness is quite impressive! Very best wishes, Kenna, July 13, 2015


Weekly accountability ability sessions with Tyhson Banighen will deepen and speed up your clearing process. During each weekly session, I will determine how closed your bioenergy field is on a scale of 0 to 100%, with 100% being closed. I will also dowse which numbers you no longer need to clear and which ones you need to focus on for the week.

1/2 half-hour weekly for four weeks for $497.00 or 1 hour a week for four weeks for $997, or the best deal yet Laser-Focused Coaching are 15-minute sessions when you need them for one year for only $997.00. Click here. To arrange for coaching toll-free in North America at 1-866 369-7464 0r phone internationally by WhatsApp or text at 1-250-803-2480.

What happens once I place my order?

First, your order has to be approved. If not approved in 8 hours, phone toll-free in North America at 1-866 369-7464 0r phone internationally by WhatsApp or text at 1-250-803-2480. Once your order is approved, sign back into the Academy, go to My Course and access The Deep Clearing Protocol as a downloadable pdf document with an accompanying chart.

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    I haven’t received it yet

    • academy

      If you paid for the Deep Clearing Protocol, then when you should have received an email with the download link. If not then let know.

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