Deep Clearing Protocol Certification Program
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Deep Clearing Protocol Certification Program



Become a Certified Deep Clearing Protocol Practitioner and Instructor who teaches others how to undertake a successful 30-to-60-day deep clearing program. You will help clients take back their power, stand in their truth no matter what, and become sovereign beings free and clear of any intrusions into their energy field now or in the future from any sources, known or unknown.

You will learn how to work at a distance to help clients who have been traumatized by near-death experiences, sexual abuse, lost a loved one, been abducted, suffered electronic harassment, gang stalking, etc. Trauma creates a fragmentation of the soul and opens a gateway into the auric field, which is used by non-beneficial energies such as discarnate beings, lost souls, Jinn, earth-bound souls, and soul fragments that seek out victims to suck on their life force which can cause stress, disorder, disease and ultimately can result in death to strengthen their bioenergy field. Hence, it is strong enough to repel future attacks.

This is a 6-week course with one hour of monthly one-to-one, plus weekly group coaching and question and answer sessions.

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You must have completed the following prerequisites:

  1. Deep Clearing Protocol Certification Program
  2. The Exorcism of Possession Certification Program or be free of possession problems.
  3. Part 1-3  Basic Dowsing and the Deep Clearing Protocol.
  4. Distant Healing Certification Course.


Certification will require testimonials from 10 more clients you have taken through the Deep Clearing Protocol using one-on-one or group coaching. Three of these must be done in collaboration with Tyhson Banighen.

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