Gathering of the Eagles – Fall Gathering

Gathering of the Eagles – Fall Gathering


Fall Gathering, Sept 1 -5, 2022

Gaia Muna Retreat, Silver Creek, B.C.

$555.00 Canadian or $429.51 US Dollars

Payment Options in U.S. dollars which includes meals and accommodation.

Meals and Accommodation Included 

Eleven Organic, Local, chef-prepared meals. This is a glamping event with a tent and bed supplied or you can bring your own. For any further information Contact Darlene at 778-866-8477 or email her.

Interac payments can be sent to Darlene by email 

The Clarion Call

Do you know in your heart of hearts that you incarnated for a higher purpose and have a mission to complete in this lifetime?

Do you have memories of past lives or ancestors connected to distant places like Lemuria or Atlantis? Do you feel you hold ancient skills and wisdom which remain a mystery to you? Do you remember being associated with tribal healers, Druids, Essenes, or the Merovingian lineage? Do you feel a mysterious inner knowing connected to the Life with Christ, Buddha, other saints and sages, or perhaps the Knights Templar or the Knights of the Round Table?

Magical memories and feelings reside within us so that our soul being can become rekindled so that our true meaning and purpose can ignite our life – and the lives of others.

Do you feel a tingling right now? If so, this is your clarion call to come to a Place of Power in the Shuswap and join like-minded people who are birthing themselves into a higher level of consciousness – finding your Eagle within.

But there is a quickening upon us.

A generation of Eagles is transitioning into the elder and ancestral realms. They spent much of their lives developing cellular networks to prove the meaning of the sentient Earth and the Cosmos. But now, a new generation of Eagles are emerging to action this cellular network into the realm of purpose.

We have invited you to a Gathering of Eagles, and your invitation is by no means an accident. This invitation has an elemental force of synchronicity because you are about to transition into a point of action; you will begin your mentorship with the Eagles who have walked before you. We will gather as 12 around 1, with the center, Zero Point, Spirit, or Teacher. This formula holds the ancient elements of learning.

All 12 circles around the inner circle form the basis for music. The distances between the spheres equal the distances between tones and the halftones in the musical scale.

A 12-pointed star is called a star dodecahedron. This star can be created by connecting the 12 intersection points of the 12 outer circles to make the Egg of Life. In 2D, this star is a star dodecagram. Since the number 12 also symbolizes the illusion of time, you can see that the star dodecagram can be found by connecting the 12 hours on a clock. The 12 around 1 is a sacred process of giving and receiving, which encourages reconciliation with nature and the work required to become the new messengers of change. All 12 circles around an inner circle form the basis of music. The distances between the spheres are identical to the spaces between tones and the halftones in the musical scale.

The Legacy

In the early 1980s, when Menno Pauls first imagined the Gathering of Eagles, it resulted from an extraordinary journey of adventure and spiritual insight. As a messenger for future events, he would pen a book describing his encounters, lessons and visions in intimate detail. He explained that there would be people and safe harbours, leading to a shift in consciousness that would change the world.

The Gathering of Eagles was intentionally never published; instead, it was photocopied and distributed person by person into informal networks. It would reach thousands of people over time, inspiring them to understand the forces at work.

Today, there are pockets of Eagles everywhere. This gathering represents a celebration of Menno Pauls’s tireless work and legacy as a messenger as he seeks to prepare us all for the coming changes.

Some humans hold an ancient promise and are guided by our ancient ancestors through space and time.

To read The Gathering of the Eagles pdf book and supporting background material before attending the event, please sign in by clicking this link.

Gaia Muna

GAIA = Earth MUNA = Remember from a long time back. Come here to find your SELF. To remember who you are. When you arrive at Gaia Muna, you arrive at sacred Land, a place of shamanic energies. At Gaia Muna, you may choose to walk the Land, work with the Medicine Wheel, ceremony in the 30-foot diameter roundhouse /yurt style maloca, receive various healing medicines & treatments such as Kambo Frog medicine detox ceremonies; Plant Medicine Ceremonies; psychic readings; and more. You will engage in powerful, life-changing events and retreats and retreat into stillness and silence. Much healing has happened on this Land and continues to unfold. Much love exists here and always will. You are welcome here. You are Tribe.

Fall Equinox 

At the Autumn Equinox, day and night are in perfect balance. It is a time to tap into your energy and balance your outer world with your inner world. A time to balance opposites, seeing them co-existing as part of the ‘whole’; such as your masculine and feminine, materialism and spirituality, light and dark, death and rebirth. Celebrate all that is within the ‘whole’ of you.

Traditionally this is the final bringing-in of the harvest. Spend time to appreciate that which Mother Earth has given you and send her thanks, blessings and healing. Recognize and give thanks for your own ‘harvest’ and all the blessings and wisdom you have received and gathered over the Summer months.

The Autumn Equinox is the gateway to Winter and a change in the Earth’s energy. Summer is over, and a new phase is about to begin. The weather is becoming colder and the days shorter. All this signifies the changes that are coming. Leaves on the trees are altering their colour and beginning to fall. The tree sap is starting to move downwards now, commencing the phase of root energy which brings sleep, rest and renewal.   This time allows all of life to go within and re-enter the ‘inner’ spiritual world.

By tapping into your inner world, you can connect with and release the past that no longer serves you and make room to bring in new ideas and action for the future. All this brings about a chance to start again. The Autumn Equinox is a time to begin planning and to listen to your inner wisdom and intuition. Use this time to incubate your new ideas or ‘seeds’ which will grow in the Spring.

The tree of the Autumn Equinox is the Apple and is regarded as sacred, magical, a symbol of fruitfulness and abundance, and a means to immortality. This time represents abundance, teaching us to open our hearts to the abundance in our lives. Apple is also a powerful cleanser.

Ceremonial Leader – Tara Bradley Stonemother

Our host at Gaia Muna

I believe we are here on Earth to UNFOLD, to EXPAND into the Sacred Spiral of our existence. There are infinite ways to do this. Sometimes we get lost and forget who we are and why we are here. I am here to be a FaithHolder, a WayShower, and a Shaman for your Soul. – Stonemother

Tara Stonemother – a Shamanic Seer – uses the Shamanic Tools and Medicines of her Ancestors and her Mother Earth in her shamanic practice to help raise the consciousness and vibration of the planet and the inhabitants upon it. Tara spends her days working with her clients and students; providing them with life-changing journeys, readings, ceremonies, lessons, courses, and other forms of teachings…and wandering her land listening closely, collecting Medicines, strengthening her relationships with her family, her Ancestors, the Trees, Animals, Plants, Water, and Stones that reside on the Sacred Land with her.

The 13-Moon Calendar with Quinten Fast.

Quinten will be guiding us through the 13-moon calendar. It offers a new way to experience time & connects us to the intrinsic harmonic cycles of nature. Breathing Our I Am Presence into Being



Breath Work with Mari-Gaye Aruna Abraham

My name is Mari-Gaye Aruna Abraham. I am a mixed-race settler. My deepest roots hail from India and rich heritage of Celtic Nomadic lineages. I currently reside in the unceded territory of the Syilx and Smelqmix Nations. Here, I raise my children and offer shamanic support to the Land that supports us and the multiple communities that share this place. All my efforts remain dedicated to the ascension of the Earth and the awakening of human consciousness – for the greatest good of All – in alignment with the unconditionally loving heart of the Universe – according to Free Will.

I am humbly honoured to be supporting the Summer Solstice ceremony at our upcoming gathering in June. I look forward to breathing our I Am Presence into Being, as we call in and celebrate the highest potential of human civilization – in this age and for all ages to come. Together, let us reclaim our sacred responsibility to be portent caregivers for our children (as the future Earth Keepers), our families, our communities and the Earth.

Family Constellations with Claire Dupuis

In Family Constellation work, we look at resolving the disturbance within that comes in the form of new images of old situations and ideas – visions that can break or change the subconscious habit that has been formed and enmeshed within our disordered cellular structure and memories.

Rupert Sheldrake has documented the existence of the morphic field that connects people, places and even animals, and the theory is then that we are living in a universe with its innate memory. Suppose we are in sync with this morphic resonance. Is it not possible that our patterns as a self-organizing system may be influenced by patterns of disturbance in the past, giving our systems a collective memory?

This self-organization, also called spontaneous order, creates a new type of order due to relationships between parts of an initially disordered system. So, these disturbances affect our mental, physical, or spiritual systems. Often the issues are long-standing problems that plague a person’s life, regardless of
repeated attempts at change or developing insight. Issues can be in family relationships, physical illness, behaviours etc. With this disruption of unconscious connections of the loss of the resonance of love, the highest vibration of functional order within the disturbed systems must adapt to the new form of chaotic dis-order.

Bert Hellinger observed the presence of this and learned how to use it to modify hidden disturbed family systems so that the natural order supporting love can be re-established and love may flow again.

Based upon systemic constellation work worldwide, I have adapted it to include my experience and professional background in intuitive healing. We will work on whatever issue we want to look at from business, health (disease, illness), education, and the family relationship.

Come and experience this fantastic Life-changing work that can alter your life; the possibility of unravelling all your systems back to a healthy dynamic self-organized system by healing old family pain, patterns, and conflict is endless. I am honoured to share this profound work with everyone who attends.

C0-creating with Landscape Temples with Tyhson J. Banighen

Directed by guidance and eco-spiritual dowsing, we will create, activate, and maintain a sacred landscape or what Menno Pauls calls a safe zone for global transformation.

We will learn about bioregions, watersheds, water blessings and how to commune and play with devas, elementals, and the angelic kingdom in your area. Where is the sacred triangle of mountain spirits that are the root, heart, and chakras in your landscape? Where are the points of evolution and devolution? What areas of the landscape need healing? We will use the Shuswap Landscape Temple as an example to help you locate and create your landscape temple. The Shuswap is one of 20 key heart chakra center points for the angel of North America. We will then apply these principles to map Gaia Muna. With this knowledge, you can create, activate and maintain a sacred landscape temple in your area.

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