The Entrepreneurial Mastermind

The Entrepreneurial Mastermind


Become an Entrepreneurial Master Manifestor

Each week, The Entrepreneurial Mastermind Group provides a focused and supportive environment to manifext your desired business outcomes. Regular discussion and goal setting within the group help clarify goals, reinforce positive thinking, and encourage consistent action, aligning you with your business goals and intentions. The collective energy and wisdom amplify the manifestation process. The key benefit is the synergy created when individuals with different skills and perspectives collaborate, leading to enhanced creativity, problem-solving, and accelerated personal or professional development.

The mastermind is limited to 12 participants, providing a group dynamic with deep mystical and historical roots. 12 around 1 is The Fruit of Life, the geometrical manifestation progression of all life unfolding as The Flower of Life.


The one in the center provides the focal point for the group. Some call this the hot seat or love seat, a spotlight moment when one member receives a focused intention to discuss challenges, goals, or decisions they are facing. This dedicated time allows for in-depth feedback, diverse perspectives and strategic insights from the group, contributing to individual growth and problem-solving.

The cost is $333.00 US, and work trades up to 50% off are available if you have marketing or web design skills. Book an appointment to see if you qualify:

The Mastermind Focus will help you:

  • Get out of your way.
  • Scale your businesses by improving your overall mindset.
  • Discover how to get in front of your ideal star clients.
  • Develop a client-getting formula for landing these high-end clients.
  • Learn how to use dowsing to make sound business decisions.
  • Learn how to receive crystal-clear business guidance.
  • Join a network of supportive, heart-centred entrepreneurs.
  • Learn how to create and facilitate your network.

This is what you will get when you join:

  • Discover your Divine Gifts and your soul’s purpose.
  • Weekly group calls to share strategy and keep the momentum alive.
  • Hot seating and feedback sessions.
  • Unlimited Laser-Focused Accountability coaching sessions when you need them. For more details, click here.
  • Guest expert speakers on social media, writing your book, editing and publishing, becoming a best-selling author, speaking from the stage and other business topics of your choice.
  • One or more hot seat/love seat sessions explain your idea and get business feedback from fellow mastermind attendees.
  • Receive a Sound Healing session to remove any limiting business beliefs.
  • LIFETIME access to my ‘Business VIP Success Club’ on Facebook to ask questions, get answers and collaborate with other members of the Business Mastermind.
  • Be interviewed on The Wellness Show on Health, Wealth and Enlightenment to promote your business.

The initial invitation is limited to 12 people, so book your interview now to see if you are a good fit for this group by clicking here.

Additional options available if desired:

  • Promote your coaching or online course to my social media network and mailing list
  • Develop and host your system on The Wellness Academy The
  • Sell your products at The Wellness Store
  • Receive an invitation to apply for an exclusive seven-day Highly Profitable Business Success Retreat called Rock Your Business Retreat at my place overlooking Shuswap Lake. This limited opportunity is available for 12 participants per year. The cost of the seven-day Intensive is $6,000.00, which includes airport pick up and return, accommodation, grocery shopping, plus 4 hours of coaching a day for a total of 24 hours. For more capacity and local activities, check out
  • Additional available services and activities in the local area include sound healing sessions, trauma-busting sessions, massage, drumming, organic gardening, Sacred Shuswap Outings, Tai Chi, belly dancing, paddle boarding, swimming, mountain bicycling, hiking, swimming, boating, and golfing.

The initial invitation is limited to 12 people, so book your interview now to see if you are a good fit for this group by clicking here.

Dowsing and Business


I have been part of Corey Porier’s Mastermind since Nov 24, 2015, providing feedback to Corey and other mastermind members on how to grow their businesses.

Pamela has been an ongoing member of my 12 Around 1 Mastermind since it started in 2014.

Felicia is Corey Porier’s Mastermind member and has attended an onsite retreat at Sunnybrae Cottage.

Lang Vuong is a real estate agent and part of Corey Porier’s Mastermind,

The initial invitation is limited to 12 people, so book your interview now to see if you are a good fit for this group by clicking here.


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