Holistic Excorcism ~ by John Living

Holistic Excorcism ~ by John Living


This book is a manual for exorcists, compiled from the tales and experience of masters, that covers aspects of Spirit Possession unknown to many people who do exorcism. The intent is to help such people to become proficient in their work of exorcism, so that they can become more helpful to their patients – giving them long-lasting relief from Spirit Possession.

The world we see is small in comparison to the world we do not see. By writing this very interesting book, John Living gives us a look at the unseen world.” – Raymon Grace

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It is estimated that over 70% of the population are subjected to Spirit Possession – most people being completely unaware of such infestation! This includes problems collected in past lives, the womb, early childhood – in fact during all of one’s life!

Our own Spirit fragments if subjected to what is considered to be traumatic – death in past lives, hearing that they are ‘not wanted’ before birth, or being upset or abused as children. Even ‘imaginary’ childhood playmates may cause serious problems in later life.

Another source of infection is the fragmentation at the death of a relative or friend, or exposure to low protection in an accident or a hospital. Even deceased loving relatives may intend no harm, but become controllers – and any fragment may cause disease or illness similar to that they had during life.