I AM Invocations

I AM Invocations


When we use the term I AM, we are automatically, whether consciously or unconsciously, reconnecting ourselves to the singular force of all that we are and all that is or the divine being, the divine principle or, for some, the oneness of all.

If we do it consciously, everything we bring into being after the I Am is perfect. I am in harmony. I AM all that I choose to be, etcetera, marries the power of the I AM and automatically brings that invocation into the divine being of creation.

When we state I AM we are making a conscious declaration that I am one with the divine presence in form, and if we do this unconsciously, it does not have the same power and sometimes, as we all know, brings in things we do not necessarily want to have manifested. However, if we bring it in consciously activating the, I AM presence within ourselves, saying, I Am all that I can be, for instance. We bring the power of the I AM into every cell, atom and molecule of our form and being, and so it is.

After you say the clearing portion of the Deep Clearing Protocol, which transmutes what you no longer want, it is equally important to install what you do want. Here is a list of powerful I AM statements to invoke into manifestation. For the most potent results, say the I AM statements out loud in a commanding voice and, better yet, in front of a mirror while looking deep into your own eyes.

In this course, you will learn about all 101 I AM invocations.