I Want to GROW MORE (Sponsor) – Full Pay
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I Want to GROW MORE (Sponsor) – Full Pay


This course includes last year’s weekly broadcasts with all the week’s to-dos in the garden, plus lots of pertinent and instructive information shared by Tyhson and Sarah.

The Sponsor option also includes all the following printed materials included in the basic:

  • Wise Woman Seeds Calendar To order it separately, click here.

  • Grid Gardening
  • Companion plants
  • Garden Planner and much more…

Plus, the Sponsor option includes all the Intermediate Options:

All last year’s professionally filmed and produced lessons from the teaching garden at Paradise Point, plus a consultation with either Tyhson or Sarah for advice on your specific situation.  

Example of teaching videos


Plus, I Want to GROW MORE (Sponsor) includes even more:

This course includes everything:

  • Last year’s weekly broadcasts for to-do’s that week in the garden.
  • Wise Woman Seeds Calendar
  • Grid Gardening,
  • Companion plants, Garden Planner,
  • Wise Woman Seeds Journal. To order it separately, click here.

  • All our professionally filmed and produced lessons from last year in the teaching garden at Paradise Point.

 Plus, all this year’s planned lessons:

  • Weekly Garden Visits
  • Planting to the lunar calendar
  • Permaculture, swale to Sunnybrae yard
  •  Rudolph Steiner bio-dynamic gardening
  • Dowsing in the garden
  • Edible landscape
  • 6-part mini-series on xeriscaping
  • Medicinal plants and how to use them
  • Indigenous food foresting
  • Plus, 90 minutes of one-on-one sessions with either Tyhson or Sarah on Zoom can be broken into smaller time slots to spread across the growing season. If you live locally, we can arrange in-person visits to the teaching garden at Paradise Point.
  • 1 FREE Spirit of the Land Property or Garden assessment which includes a geomantic map and reports worth $497.00 US
  • 10% off on all garden-related purchases from the www.TheWellnessStore.ca or www.WiseWomanSeeds.com
  • Dowsing Farm and Garden by Patrick McManaway
  • Subtle Energies and Dowsing in Agriculture a Day Long Workshop by Patrick McManaway
  • Keys to Grace and the Art of Blessing by Patrick McManaway. For more details on Patrick’s courses click here.

Sign up for this course and help create and support sharing this information to a wider audience. Being able to grow our own food abundantly and inexpensively is our highest and best wish to share with all.

Garden like a Guru Course Teachers

Sarah Bradshaw, the Garden Guru, has spent over five decades growing gardens in Western Canada. From Coastal weather in British Columbia, through many sites in the Interior of the Province and north to the Peace Country in Alberta. Her experience is broad and deep. Teaching others how to grow their own food and medicines has become her Life’s Work. 

You truly CAN learn to Garden like a Guru from her.



Tyhson J. Banighen, M.A. Since 1975, he has been involved in, studied, taught, and authored numerous articles about the environment, alternative communities, consensus decision making, bioregionalism, ecoforestry, permaculture, international development, sustainable communities, land stewardship and land trusts with a focus on deepening the sacred connection between humans and nature.

You can learn eco-spiritual dowsing and permaculture from him.


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