Intuition on Demand ~ by John Living

Intuition on Demand ~ by John Living


Most of us know that we have Intuition – we get a certain ‘knowingness’ on occasion. But there is a problem! Sometimes, we are left ‘in the cold’ when we need guidance. Now, this can be changed! This book explains ‘how to do this’ in simple, easy ways.

Using these techniques, you can get guidance from ‘Upstairs’ on any subject, including relationships, work problems, and your family’s health. The ‘Key’ is to form a straightforward question in your logical mind, ask your Heart, and be aware of body movements.

You know that feeling of ‘knowingness’ – imagine having it guide you whenever you need it. This book will show you how to use simple, practical techniques. What’s more, it includes intuitive games to hone your skills. And the best part? The price of this 170-page book includes shipping!


This book explains how to define the meanings of such movements—such as YES or NO—so you can ask a series of questions to get precise advice.

Did you know that you can use blinking of your eyes, positions of your tongue, or feel the smoothness or roughness of a fingernail to give you answers – and that nobody else needs to realize what you are doing? There are simple ways that these signals can be amplified, and your intuition provides further details.

Do you know how to change the programs that run your Mind-Brain system? You can learn how to do this! Your ‘Power of Thought‘ is often underdeveloped – you can enhance its abilities, always for the general good. For example, you can influence the outcome of a meeting – in advance!

All these skills can help you to improve the life situations and well-being of those close to you. Also, a few simple non-medical healing methods are discussed, such as working with the ‘Angelic forces‘ to help others. And you can even make ‘energetic medicines’ that are more effective than prescription drugs – and guaranteed to be free of all side effects!



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