Intuition on Demand

Intuition on Demand


Learn how to access your intuition on demand.

Learning to dowse is the gateway to learning how to rely on your guidance.  The master dowser John Living calls dowsing, Intuition Technology.  He says in booklet titled, How to Ask Questions and Get True Answers from Your Pendulum , “did you know Your Heart by-passes your ego? Your Heart is your ‘Direct Link’ to ‘Upstairs’! … Your pendulum amplifies signals – and magnifies the thoughts you send.”

This is how you strengthen your intuitive abilities and trust your answers or guidance until you can receive crystal clear guidance on demand.  Eventually, with practice you will receive guidance without having to use any dowsing tools.  Downloaded the booklet and get started by using this link.

For a more detailed explanation I highly recommend John Living’s book, Simple Ways to Access Your Intuition ‘On Demand‘   “Find the key to unlock the door to your mind and beyond.” Understanding ourselves; how we operate in our Total Environment, and how  we can improve our abilities to access the Help and Guidance that is available to us for all of life. A copy of this book Intuition on Demand ~ by John Living can be ordered by clicking this link. The longer version called Intuition Technology ~ by John Living (Back Ordered) can be ordered by this link. 


Learn to access your intuition on demand.