Morphic Field Clearings

Morphic Field Clearings

Morphic fields are information fields that influence and determine the form of material things and store the collective habits of us, the human species. According to Rupert Sheldrake (who discovered this phenomenon), it is due to the morphic fields that as soon as something new is done somewhere, it becomes easier and more accessible for it to be repeated anywhere around the world! Evolution moves forward by creating new fields all of the time.

It is possible for there to be both positive and negative fields and can often be influenced by the environment and the people you grow up with and beside. Growing up in poverty and hardship, you would likely be involved in many self-sabotage/negative fields.


NOTE: You do NOT attend a physical or online session.

Lauryn’s work is to work with a group and determine through spiritual guidance which negative fields are predominating amongst the group.

At the beginning of a session, Lauryn ensures that everyone is in complete alignment to ‘receive’ this shift from a potentially damaging field to one that is much more positive and highly supportive.

After a session of this kind, you may notice in the first instance that you may feel a little out of sorts… a little like starting a new job in a new town with new people. In that first stage, most of us feel a little out of place until we get to know the city, the people and the job we are doing. Being ‘shifted’ is very similar. Once you realize that this field is becoming more familiar and more comfortable, you can put into practice the benefits of being in that new field of information and opportunity.

Each Morphic Field Session is tailored to the group in each session; that is why you may all have noticed that no session is ever the same and is a fruitful journey. As we go forwards, it may be necessary to have new people in a ‘beginner’s’ session, where we will go over the essential foundation fields. As we become clearer and more connected to those basic fields, it will be possible to move into more advanced information fields.

You will receive an email report a few hours after the session.



Are we living in a mass construct that is impossible to escape? My daughter and I work on the Morphic Fields in a group environment. We can connect to the astral plane and take guidance from light beings to manipulate the Morphic Field on a group level. The fields causing the most trauma/issues for the collective group can be disconnected. The goal is to ‘shift’ those involved in the group to a much higher vibrational Positive Morphic Field. 

As with living organisms, morphic fields can grow and gain strength and power over us. They are continuously on the prowl to feed themselves with similar negatively charged energies. Essentially, the bigger the field, the bigger its appetite! Living in a financially depressed region of the world/area will have many more powerful fields that generate more misery and suffering for larger and larger groups of people.

Negative Morphic Fields will always try to connect you with negative/destructive thoughts and emotions, increasing their size and low vibrational energy.

Positive Morphic Fields, on the other hand, contain feelings of self-worth, self-love and supportive energies. Some believe that the power of prayer within various past and present religions have been instrumental in creating and maintaining these fields for millennia.

Participating in a collective group session (the more significant the group, the greater the potential power) allows us to create new fields or connect group members to existing fields of much higher vibrational power! *

Taking part in our Morphic Field Sessions is an accumulative journey. The more sessions you attend, the more significant the effect. Taking part in a single Morphic Field Session is unlikely to change your life! However, the more sessions you attend, the more powerful its impact as you make more and more connections to Positive Morphic Fields. Each session will build on the benefits of the last session you attended. It is like a fitness workout; the beginning is difficult until you reach a point where you can see the fruits of your labour, and your self-worth/self-image begins to build your confidence and fitness and expand your life enjoyment/fulfilment.

We have become more aware that this is the road to recovery and disconnection from the mass construct otherwise known as the MATRIX.

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The cost is $25.00 US per session.

The sessions are every two weeks.

Wednesday 24th August 2022 for Adults

Saturday 27th August 2022 for kids and every two weeks after that 🙂

If interested, don’t hesitate to contact Eileen Everitt in Scotland and tell her Tyhson Banighen is referring you. Tel 07889409153 





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