Ptah Pendulum Set

Ptah Pendulum Set


The Ptah Pendulum is a tool used for dowsing, energy healing and the extraction of unwanted energies.

The Ptah Pendulum is a tool used for dowsing, energy healing and extracting unwanted energies.

John Living, Master Dowser, has more than 55 years of dowsing experience and was the Executive Secretary (and a co-founder) of the Holistic Intuition Society. He is a member of the Canadian Society of Questers, the Canadian Society of Dowsers, and the American Society of Dowsers.

John Living developed the Ptah pendulum to locate and heal ‘not good’ energies in the land, such as curses and other ‘bad medicine.’ and understands that it is one of the most potent healing devices. John uses the “Ptah Pendulum” to clear non-beneficial energies when working with the Healing Angels and other Healing Energies. Therefore, Elementals, Devas, and Angels need less clearing work. 

Blessed with True Holy Love and the abilities of both the Osiris and Isis Pendulums, The Ptah Pendulum arrives in an attractive, sturdy pouch with instructions. 

The Ptah is made of #14-gauge tinned copper wire (to stay bright). The coils are about 1 inch / 2.5 cm in diameter. The long coil is 5 inches / 14 cm long, and the short coil is 3.5 inches / 9 cm long. A chain with a swivel attaches the positive and negatively wound coils.

The Ptah Pendulum History

John Living found that the Osiris Pendulum uniquely can locate ‘not good’ energies in a person’s aura. But, John discovered that when he used the Ptah in ‘extraction mode’ (an anti-clockwise circle), the energies removed ended up in his hand. So, the user receives only positive energies. John attached the Osiris Pendulum to the ‘extract’ end of one of Slim Spurling’s Healing Coils, converting the removed energies into ‘good’ energies. Next, John attached a cord to one of Slim’s Coils to make a Pendulum. While the pendulum was even more potent in extracting ‘not good’ energies and converting them to being ‘good,’ this version, unfortunately, did not have the ability, like the Osiris Pendulum, to locate problems in auras. John then redesigned the Osiris Pendulum, based on geometric theory, to instruct the ‘Slim’s Coil’ Pendulum to have the skill to locate problems in auras – and this was successful!

The Isis Pendulum has the gift of putting ‘good’ energies into the recipient, so a cord was attached to the output end of one of Slim’s Coils to make a Pendulum that puts ‘good’ energy into a person – and again, this was a success! Then, John thought, “Why not combine them into a dual-purpose Pendulum called the “Ptah Pendulum.”

John Living has tested this on himself and many others who needed Healing – with excellent results.

The Ptah pendulum comes with the following instructions Ptah Pendulum

For yes and no answers, use this chart Ptah-Pendulum-Chart

Who is Ptah? Ptah graphic

Videos of John Living and Master Dowser showing how to use the Ptah Pendulum


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