Electronic Harassment Freedom & Release Private Coaching
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Electronic Harassment Freedom & Release Private Coaching

$997.00 / month for 3 months

The symptoms of Electronic Harassment are often debilitating.

In this electronic culture, there is a vulture that lurks in the shadows among computers, cell phones, EMF waves, and other highly technological equipment. The vulture is known as Electronic Harassment or Gang Stalking.  

The symptoms of Electronic Harassment are debilitating and confusing. They resemble many real illnesses, but in fact, they are made by men with sophisticated technology. The reasons why you may be the victim of these attacks are often unknown.  However, most frequently, their goal is to collect information on your brain and how it works under stress. 

I know it is scary, but it can be solved. This is not your fault.

If you are someone suffering from electronic harassment, these are some of the symptoms you may be experiencing.  

    • You feel depressed.
    • You feel intense anxiety and nervousness.
    • You may hear voices in your head and have thoughts that don’t seem to be yours.
    • You feel ungrounded.
    • You have blurred vision and red eyes.
    • Your thoughts are fuzzy.
    • You feel people are stalking you.
    • You may see images that aren’t there.
    • You have paranoid thoughts that don’t have a basis in reality


More Symptoms:

  • You may have a body part, like a hand, leg, or eye jerk or move without you doing it 
  • Your body has flashes of heat for about five minutes at a time. It feels like a high fever. 
  • You have nightmares.
  • You have insomnia.
  • You experience genitalia stimulation.
  • You feel pinprick sensations on the skin.
  • You have light burning sensations on your legs and arms. 
  • You have unexplained burned marks on your body. 
  • You have tinnitus or hear high-pitched sounds.

Imagine a life without the pain caused by Electronic Harassment where you can feel safe and secure.  By working with me, you will learn to take back your personal power.

The length of time it takes to heal electronic harassment permanently depends on the severity of your harassment.  The minimum time to close the door opened by trauma into your energy field and release you forever from the traumatic effects is three months. Over those months, you will receive nine one-hour-long one-to-one Electronic Harassment Release Sessions that will permanently close the door and end the harassment. Sometimes it takes more than three months to complete the job.   Click this link to book your FREE 15-minute Exploratory Consultation https://my.timetrade.com/book/LJBQG to see if this program is right for you.

The Electronic Harassment Freedom & Release Mastermind Group Program

A twelve-week group healing program is now being offered. For those that cannot afford the one-to-one coaching sessions but still want ongoing assistance, I have a 12-week healing and release course to help you recover from Electronic Harassment in a group setting.  Please call toll-free in North America at 1-866-369-7464 for more information.

The course will cover the following:

  • Healing from Tyhson Banighen, a licensed spiritual healer and coach.
  • Mental exercises to help change your focus.
  • Breathing techniques that actually lessen the attack.
  • Exercises that improve sleeping and ease nightmares. 
  • How to identify Electronic Harassment patterns so that you can detach from the painful thoughts and feelings that don’t originate from you.
  • Learning that your Electronic Harassment is NOT personal. Gaining a new perspective on the attacks. 
  • Learning to live in joy and hope.

These are just some of the topics included in this powerful, healing and life-changing course. I look forward to hearing from you.


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  1. academy

    Electronic Harassment resembles Schizophrenia in many ways. For instance, hearing voices, seeing images, panic attacks, physical symptoms like nausea, flu-like aches, chest pain and more. However, there is an additional element called gangstalking, where strangers approach you outside of the home, knowing details of your life. Their one goal — Intimidation. I experienced all of those.

    When I realized the voices were real, I reached out to Tyhson. With his help, I began the process of identifying the physical symptoms and visions, everything, that were being made by men with computers and certain kinds of technology. Tyhson’s way of healing trauma is a profound process. Because of it, the influence of Electronic Harassment is gradually lessening, and my symptoms are improving. My life is a whole different ball game.

    There are many differing reasons why people are targeted. In my case, I believe the Electronic Harassment appeared in my life because of a dark, family secret — satanic cult involvement. It was used to keep me emotionally and physically ill so that I would never remember the abuse I experienced as a child. If I remember, their secret would be threatened. RL Sept 2021

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