The Letting Go Mastermind

The Letting Go Mastermind


What is involved?

You will meet in a small group of no more than 6 per group for an additional 1 hour mastermind a week for deeper group work on Letting Go work, and addition you will be a member of the Monthly Book Club for a total 12 hours per month.

How to Apply

Admittance to the mastermind is by application only which starts with booking an exploratory session to see if there is a match. Please use this link or phone Toll Free in North America 1-866-369-7464 to set up an appointment.  As the facilitator I make sure there is a match between the members who join the mastermind group and that there is enough common ground, and not a huge discrepancy in the level of experience and success people bring to the table.

7 Bonuses

  1. FREE membership in the Let Go Book Club
  2. Monthly personal and group sound healing session.
  3. All sessions are supported and enhanced by silent scalar wave sound clearing technology to clear trauma and instill confidence.
  4. Access to  the Healing Hour Talk Show Weekly every Tuesday afternoon. Receive an energy clearing and learn how to help others clear so you can show up and be the best that you can be.
  5. Access to 3 years worth of past Weekly Energy Healing calls.
  6. Access to the Healing Mastermind Closed Facebook Group.
  7. Access to all of my Academy on-line courses and video trainings to remove all your emotional blocks

Total value of these training programs is well over $15,000.00

 But you invest $333.00 a month or full pay NOW for only $1,666.00