The Prosperity Monthly Club

The Prosperity Monthly Club


Learn the secret behind the secrets that the 1% use to manifest. Learn Joe Vital’s Total Money Magnetism Basic and Advanced Laws of Attraction.  Come prepared to leave your old beliefs behind.

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The Prosperity Monthly Club is a live well and prosper club that includes the following:

  • Prosperity/Abundance Deep Clearing statements to download and use to clear your energy field so you can receive more prosperity.
  • Access to 4 FREE Facebook Live Group Healing Hours every TUESDAY at 3:00 PM PDT. You can phone in live or email me questions ahead of time to receive an energy clearing, and learn how to help others clear. You will have access to 2 plus years worth of recorded healing sessions.
  • One 90 minute, Live Prosperity Facilitation Call once a month.
  • Access to the Prosperity Closed Club Facebook Community